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graft (grahft)
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Thursday, November 1, 2012

People Say The Darndest Things

We're kicking off National Orphan Awareness Month, Cynthia style. 

Below are some of the wackiest most memorable conversations we've had regarding our family.


Setting the Scene: A grocery store parking lot, a random woman (RW) and me with my kids*
RW: Oh my word! Are these your children?
Me: Yes.
RW: They are exquisite!
Me: Thank you.
RW: Let's see...(pointing to Mikayla) this one is definitely European. This one (pointing to Naomi) is clearly Scandinavian. (taking a step back to survey Sophia) Aaaand thiiiiiiis oooooone is obviously black.

Nailed it.


Setting the Scene: Crowded room, casual conversation swirling around my husband and I. Enters a random man (RM)
RM: Does she speak African?
Us: Ummmm. Well. She's only one year old, soooo...
RM: Is there is a lot of clicking in her language?
Us: There's a subtle click of sorts in Amharic, but it's not very pronounced.
RM: I was just curious, because the only African talk I've heard is (starts chuckling)...Have you ever seen The God's Must Be Crazy?



Setting the Scene: Inside a doughnut shop, paying for our highly nutritious breakfast** and a friendly cashier (FC)
FC: Oh my gosh! Are these all yours?
Us: Yes.
FC: She's so pretty!
Us. Thank you.
FC: You're like that one couple...Brad and Angelina! 


Laugh a Little (and take some notes),


P.S. You may want to bookmark this one, because November is dedicated to the orphan crisis and I'm not going to mince words.*** 

*Anyone else hear the narration in Liam Neeson's voice? You do now.

**Don't judge. I've heard that a bagel and schmear contains just as many calories as a doughnut. 
***Never fear. My usual charm and wit will still be lurking in the shadows.


  1. One plain bagel with a dollop of cream cheese has 430 calories, of which about 117 calories (27%) come from fat (Source: Bruegger's Bagels). One medium doughnut has 239 calories of which 103 (43%) come from fat (Source: So a bagel with cream cheese has 80% more calories than a medium doughnut but only 14% more fat. You can draw your own conclusions.

    1. I'll take one of each to go, please.

  2. Oh, my! I get enough "you've got your hands full" and "well your busy!" comments as it is!

    1. I get that too. My response depends 100% on my mood. That's a dangerous curve ball!

  3. hahaha - I remember #1 RW all toooo well! That was my introduction to watching a "comment in action"! It still makes me laugh when I think about it - and I have shared it, too.

  4. As a mom of five kids with varying shades of hair (and one redhead) I get the "you are a brave woman" and "are all these YOUR children" questions a lot.

    Blessings to you and your family. Everyone's family is unique, and it sounds like you are truly blessed with yours.

  5. We ARE blessed! Thank you.

    Yup. We get those comments too, but I bet you get your fair share of redhead comments.

  6. I'm at a loss for words. Don't people think before they speak nowadays!

  7. You're too funny!! I can't believe people actually would say these kind of things. There's a few brain cells loose somewhere.

  8. I'm sure I've been guilty of saying dumb things to people too.


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