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v. 1) develop 2) nurture

graft (grahft)
n. 1) transplant 2) bud 3) union

Monday, April 29, 2013

The Post I Never Wanted To Write. Ever.

Sometimes things are bittersweet and sometimes things are just plain bitter. At first I thought this was the latter, but I'm realizing it is indeed the former.

Remember this little guy?

This is Nico. Etch his precious face in your memory, because short of a gargantuan miracle, you will never meet him in person. My friend Kara and her husband began the challenging road to adopt him. And then the bitter happened. His country has closed our door to their orphans. Kara isn't the only mama heart breaking. Several families were in the process of adopting from this country and all are mourning. And we mourn with them.


Now here is the sweet #1: Kara didn't allow this to deter her from gospel living. Her family is pursuing another little boy and are so close to bringing him home! Colton is ready to come home and party, McIntee-style! 

Their fundraising has stalled and they need a boost. Ya'll. Seriously. Disney park-hopper passes?!? This is an awesome fundraiser! The rest of the prizes are super cool too. Go buy you some tickets. Follow the directions so that she is certain to add your name to the drawing. These would make fantastic gifts for your kids or grandkids. If you're not a Disney fan, just go donate for crying out loud. Once you've done that, come back to read the sweet #2.

I'll wait.

I know some of you aren't clicking over.


Sweet #2 is a call to Nico's country. I know you're reading my blog, because blog stats don't lie. We realize your government made the decision and now the burden is thrust upon you. You are a good people. A strong people. With Christ leading the way, you have all you need to care for your orphans. Please heed His voice and open your hearts to the "least of these" in your country. America is lifting you up in prayer as you begin this new adventure. My prayer is that orphanages will be overrun; Overrun with prospective adoptive parents. My dear brothers and sister, you are the sweet to this bitter

So we must not get tired of doing good, for we will reap at the proper time if we don’t give up.
Galatians 6:9

Hanging Onto Hope,


  1. Thank you, Cynthia! <3 Love <3

    1. I am at that "freak out" stage of this adoption, so I appreciate this so much. We are underfunded due to the stupid summer rates. Apparently, people LOVE to travel to his country during the summer. Who knew?? lol... Urgh. We will be submitted soon, and I'm trying to give it to God, but you know, I'm human and spazzing out instead! EEEK!!

  2. Breaks my heart and gives me hope at the same time. Praying!

  3. Wow, praying for this family. And all the others like theirs.


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