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v. 1) develop 2) nurture

graft (grahft)
n. 1) transplant 2) bud 3) union

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Where Was Jesus?

My heart breaks for these families. There is an irreparable hole in the lives of scores of families today. There is never a good time for such evil, but Christmas is an especially shattering time of year for such a senseless atrocity. A random blogger, saying they're praying for these families seems paltry, but just in case someone connected to this calamity is reading this, I'm so sorry for your loss and you are in my prayers.

In the wake of the Connecticut tragedy, blame is being slung all over the place. It's the gun's fault! It's the school's fault! It's the local government's fault! It's Adam Lanza's parents' fault! It's some counselor-somewhere-who-once-had-a-conversation-with-Adam's fault! 

May I make a suggestion?

It's Jesus' fault. 

Bold (and slightly sacrilegious) statement.

The Lanza family obviously had some struggles. Where was Jesus when their marriage failed? Why didn't Jesus reach out to them and dig deep into their hurting lives? How is it that Jesus was too busy to befriend a young man described as being "a little bit different"?* Didn't He think this family was worth His time and attention? I mean, sure it can be messy to truly invest in others, but think about how much brighter Friday, December 14th would have been had Jesus shown some compassion, friendship and love to this family. Maybe all Adam needed was just someone who could offer professional help. Maybe all Nancy needed was the support of other women who understood how difficult it is to be a single mom.

We are called to be Jesus' hands and feet. The blame is ours. We have failed yet again. I understand that every potential intervention may not have halted Friday's tragedy. We still should have been the hands and feet of Christ for the sake of the gospel. It's not just about reaching out to the families reeling from loss. It's also about reaching out to the people who seem "a little bit different". It's too late to rewind this piece of history, but it's not to late to rewrite the next chapter. However, our motivation cannot be that of self-preservation. Our motivation must be Christ and Christ alone. We don't get messy in people's lives in order to avoid tragedies in this life (although there is value in that). We get messy in people's lives in order to avoid the greatest tragedy: A life apart from God. 

Praying For Unquenchable Boldness,

*According to an ABC interview with Barbara Frey. 


  1. Great minds think alike! :) I feel like I say it on every post - love your heart!

    1. I was just over commenting on your blog! You have a beautiful way with words, my friend.

  2. Yes! The same message was in a great movie called (I think) To Save a Life...we are His hands!

  3. Only Jesus will give hope to the hopeless and stop the dark descent into the depair that causes these actions. Yes, praying for that Unquenchable Boldness to fill us all.

    1. Valid! Yet even in this there were people living out their assignments, sacrificing, being a testimony. I am still waiting on God to give me the words, insight in to what the real truth of this is horrific event. Your point is well made.. "Greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world"; we often forget when given opportunities to be his hands a feet. I pray we all do not let fear stop us from stepping out in faith every moment of every day.

    2. "God has not given us a spirit of fear"!! Easy to remember; Hard to live out.

  4. Absolutely, my friend. I would also add that the devil is rampant in this world. It is absolutely our job to be the hands and feet of Christ, but lets not forget who we are fighting against. Not the children of our God, but the enemy who leads them astray.

  5. Of course! It was not my intent to suggest otherwise. "Our battle is not against flesh and blood..."


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