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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

From Rings To Fangs

This is the one where Cynthia got all kinds of political.

God help us all. 


So, here's the deal: In case you've just arrived back from Outer Mongolia, and are blissfully clueless (welcome back, by the way), there was this lil' thing called Senate Bill 1062. And everyone and their dog was/is up in arms over it. No really. I actually saw two dogs get in a fight through the fence about the whole thing. It was quite the ordeal. Anyhoo...chances are good that most of you have heard something about the bill, but perhaps you haven't read the bill. It's not tough. Even I understood most of the jargon and legalese. Go here, read it, and come back.

I'll wait.

Okie dokie. Now that everyone understands what the bill was saying, let's have a chat, shall we? No? And so it would seem. 

Two short days ago the nation stood united and proud. Americans from sea to shining sea waved a banner of solidarity. We watched the 2014 Winter Olympics' closing ceremonies. Hearts full, eyes perhaps even glistening, we stood a little straighter. We linked arms and looked on as the Olympic flame was extinguished. 

And with it went our decorum.

Just take a gander online to find vitriolic words, ignorant words, whiny words, words that are incoherent, superfluous, and even excessive.* I know I have been offended by many a post on good ol' Facebook, as (undoubtedly) you have as well. It should come as little surprise to a single (regular) reader of my blog that I was in favor of the proposed bill.** 

That, my dears, is the end of my political blog post.

And the beginning of what truly matters. 

This is an emotionally charged topic, and as such, people are, shall we say, a bit tightly wound. Only one of two outcomes for SB 1062 was possible. Either way, we now find ourselves left with what truly matters. I'm all for Christians in the political arena. I'm all for freedom of speech, allowing us an opportunity to disagree in the public square (be it the State Senate floor, Instagram, or the great land of Twitter). I'm all for passionate debate. I'm all for considering both sides. I'm all for being challenged to know my stuff. Beyond that, I am all for grace. I am all for truth. And I am all for love. I have already written on the topic of the Church and the gay community. That post can very well be extended to the entire LGTB sympathetic crowd. Opposing views do not supersede love. Love is not based on something as flimsy as a bill, nor the opinions behind it. Perhaps Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty*** has said it best:
"Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is that if you disagree with someone's lifestyle, you must fear or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You don't have to compromise convictions to be compassionate".
So, as the Eye of Sauron fixates on Arizona, can we all fixate on that which never changes? On the One who is the same, from everlasting to everlasting? For, once we strip away our differences, He is what remains, and His love is what binds us together. Let's link arms yet again.


*******It has been brought to my attention that Rick Warren, not Phil Robertson, originally said the above quote. And while Mr. Warren does not have a beard that is theoretically long enough to stick in his own bellybutton, I must give credit where credit is due. So, thank you Pastor Warren for saying smarty-pants stuff despite being so purpose-drivenly clean-shaven, and reality tv-less*******

*See what I did there?
**I happen to believe business owners should have some say in their own business. Crazy. For a cheeky, sarcastic breakdown of the bill (complete with his signature inflammatory title), read Matt Walsh's blog post. Also, he employs the word "gasbag". Am I the only one amused by this? If Mr. Walsh seems like a grumpy-pants, try John Correia's post on the bill. He's devoid of grumpy pants. Bonus: He references Star Wars. 
***I've never viewed the show, and I must know: Is it possible to watch it without being riveted to The Beards?


  1. I was amused by the term gasbag, also!
    To be fair, the quote was originally stated by Rick Warren, I have had it as a cover several times in the past. The Duck dynasty guy just made it more popular.
    I haven't seen the show either....I'm afraid I simply can't get into *reality* shows. LOL

    1. I stand corrected and will edit that. Thank you!

      I'm so relieved someone else thinks gasbag is amusing. I was beginning to think I was alone on this. ;)

  2. Good stuff lady!! This is entirely too similar to a draft I composed yesterday, which my husband asked me not to post, b/c of the firestorm I would insight. The only difference being, I'm not sure I was a big fan of it. I wasn't able to see why we need additional legislation (that wasn't really concise or clear enough) to give us the right to refuse customers/clients when we already have it. I like Correia's post (no surprise there). He provided some good examples. At the end of the day, I really wish these political debates were less hostile. It saddens me that we can't have conversations/debates about this stuff without the word bigot or hate monger being thrown out there. :-(

    1. I wish that too, Steffi. The meeting of minds is rarely mess-free, but still SO beneficial. I'm heartbroken over how much hurt there is over a BILL.

  3. Replies
    1. That means a great deal, coming from you. Thanks, dear friend.

  4. Very well written! I composed a post about this very thing 2 days ago before the decision was made. I was holding it and now I believe yours is much better than mine!
    My hubs watches the "Ducks" and I listen from the next room. It is funny and love abounds!

    1. Thank you! Smart room away keeps you from being sucked into a beard. ;)


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