cultivate (kuhl - tuh - veyt)
v. 1) develop 2) nurture

graft (grahft)
n. 1) transplant 2) bud 3) union

Friday, June 14, 2013

Why All The Silence?

I haven't meant to neglect you. In fact, my fingers are practically bursting with words to type to you all! There has hardly been a moment to gather scattered thoughts into strings of words that (at least) loosely resemble sentences. 

Our crew has been working overtime on a little undertaking that is an answer to prayer. And by "little" I mean kinda big. I'm not smooth with the big reveals, so I won't attempt a glamorous build-up. For now, suffice to say we find ourselves in need of additional funds to cover some costs of the "family building" nature. 

"Debt free" has been a common phrase in our prayers over the last year. As we move forward, we desire to keep that monkey off our backs. Can I get an "AMEN!"? Remember Gideon and that whole dew/fleece bit? Folks, our fleece has been bone dry and soggy alike.* First sign from God: A substantial surprise check in the mail. Dew on the fleece. Second sign: Our dear friends/landlords called to say they were sacrificially lowering our rent. Dew on the ground. Third sign: A home-based business purchase practically lands in my lap. 
"The Angel of the Lord extended the tip of the staff that was in His hand and touched the [the offering]. Fire came up from the rock and consumed [it]. Then the Angel of the Lord vanished from Gideon's sight."
We offered Him our flawed, crazy family and he touched it with His holy, consuming fire. 

And that is the reason for my silence. 

(insert awe-inspiring segue)

So without further ado (and absolutely no shame for self-promoting), I present to you Lil' Outlaws! We own this little gem of a business and are jazzed by the response we've already received. If you have babies with butts, we've got you covered (along with a host of other uses**). I'll spare you the five minute spiel if you promise to go check it out, m'kay? Four words to pique your interest: Fruit Loop Laundry Detergent. 

Lil' Outlaws

Blessed In Abundance,


*If you think I've finally gone off my rocker, just go check out Judges 6 to get the lowdown. 
**Who knew ointment for butts could be so beneficial for cracked heels and gardener's hands? 


  1. I am so happy for you all! I can't wait to check out this new venture!
    I also have to say I am sorta overwhelmingly (jealously?) in awe of your faith and boldness and Gods blessings to move forward! I am so stuck in a place of insecurity and confusion. However, we soldier on... not so boldly though.
    Prayers for continued direction and blessings for you friends :)

    1. Oh Nicole. I am NOT bold. I fall flat on my prideful face every. single. day. Praying for you dear friend.

  2. Praising with you! and praying for you!
    And the angel of the Lord appeared to him and said to him, "The Lord is with you, O valiant warrior."

  3. Woo hoo! Awesome! So excited to see the new know that I ride shotgun in the Stagecoach all the time, right?

  4. I am so happy for you! Isn't it amazing what he does when we are willing to trust him? I am praying for his blessings to continue.

  5. Thank you all! We are incredibly excited to see where God takes this.


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